Staying Ahead of the Training Curve
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM
In this session, learn how two global companies are advancing the standards for training and education by using innovative video strategies.

Carolina Biological uses video not only to influence its customers, but also to impact science education from kindergarten through college. Discover how a video-enhanced poster can be used to engage elementary students in the classroom while generating business leads. Learn how instructional videos can guide a student through a lab procedure a world away and how the inclusion of these videos position Carolina Biological ahead of its competition. See how a webinar can be used to provide valuable professional development to teachers while introducing them to products that will make their job easier.

Dentinal Tubules, founded by Dr Dhru Shah, has become one of the leading online education portal in the world. Here how they have used High Definition video content to deliver education to meet the industry's CPD requirements in a unique manner while fostering community engagement.
Session Type
Case Study
Enterprise Communications & Training
Analytics, Demand Generation, Engagement, Global, Internal Communication, Live Stream, Scale, Security, Training