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You'll leave PLAY with strategies, tips, and inspiration that you can begin acting on as soon as you get back to work. And this knowledge isn't coming from just anyone––we're gathering the best, the brightest, and the most innovative in the world of online video. We're talking visionaries from the media, leading brands, OTT providers, and more.

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PLAY for demand-gen, e-commerce, and sales pros

This track covers storytelling, content quality, driving business/sales with video, video production, and delivery. You’ll discover how Brightcove customers and industry trailblazers are using video to stay one step ahead of the competition with campaigns that deliver real results, and videos that forge real connections with their viewers.


Must-see sessions:

  • “Better Brand Stories”

  • “Using Video to Defeat Buyer Apathy”

  • “Scalable Video Production Models”

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PLAY for publishers, broadcasters, and OTT providers

This track covers evolving the business model, viewer engagement, monetization, and content delivery. In workshops and case study sessions, you’ll discover how leaders in media use innovative video experiences to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Must-see sessions:

  • “360 Video for Publishers”

  • “Connecting Across Channels and Devices”

  • “Optimizing Video Delivery"

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PLAY for enterprise communications

This track covers engaging experiences, video production, and video publishing. In hands-on workshops, spotlight sessions, and keynotes, you’ll discover how Brightcove customers and business leaders set their teams apart with engaging video content.


Must-see sessions:

  • “Using Video to Motivate”

  • “Video for Training”

  • “Delivering Video Behind the Firewall”

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PLAY for developers and engineers

This track is all about getting hands-on with the latest video technology. Get a peek at the future of video technology and see what’s new in the Brightcove player toolbox. If you use video tech at work, you can’t afford to miss it.


Must-see sessions:

  • All-day tech-a-thon

  • “Monitoring the Internet at scale”

  • “Advances in video coding technologies”

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